You might need to change the amount you have removed from your salary at different points in the year. The below information is for parents who have the ability to flex their salary payments up or down at anytime.

***If you can't make the amendments listed below at number 4, then please either speak to your employer, or flexible benefits, provider for support with this***

To change the amount you sacrifice

  1. Login as normal
  2. Press My Vouchers
  3. You'll now see a list of the next 13 months of planned deductions
  4. Click Change next to the month you need the change to be effective from. The first month is the next available changeable date due to payroll cut off
  5. Enter the new order value you'd like
  6. Then choose if you'd like the change to be for Next and Subsequent Orders or Next Order Only
  7. Provide a reason in the reason box, this is visible to the approving person and can help with their approval process
  8. If applicable, tick the box to confirm you're not in the new Tax-Free Childcare Scheme operated by GOV UK
  9. Press submit

This now goes to the approving manager in your business to approve.

Don't Forget! - Remember to change any standing order to the childcare provider as this won't change with the salary deductions, they aren't linked and require changing separately. If you're happy with the standing order then you don't need to make any other changes. If you need help with changing the standing orders, click here!